Week 10

This week has been fairly frustrating. We have been trying to improve our AdWords campaigns. For most classmates, this means that they clean up their keywords and ads so they can get more customers for their money. What’s frustrating for me is that No matter what I do I can’t get enough people to see my ad. So limiting anything won’t help me. I have contacted Google and all the advice they gave me hasn’t helped much. The last thing I can do is increase my budget but that loses me money I don’t feel like spending.

The resources were still helpful, but I wish I could use them more.

Measuring your profitsReturn on InvestmentMeasuring Sales and Conversions, and Setting Up Conversion Tracking.

Will Your E-commerce Company Make It? How to Tell

Page 9 of the Conversion Tracking Guide: Conversion tracking setup guide [Advanced Information]

Counting a Conversion When a Link is Clicked [Advanced Information]


Videos and Readings

Monitor your ads and keywords

What is Optimization


Use Negative Keywords to Eliminate Unwanted Clicks

Avoid Using Overly Generic Keywords

Use Appropriate Keyword Matching Options to Control Who See Your Ads

Expand Your Keyword List to Gain More Traffic


Improve Your Ad Quality

Write Successful Text Ads

Test Your Ad Text Changes


Monitor your ads and keywords

Find Relevant Keywords Using the “See Search Terms” Report

101 Ways to Make More Sales Online



This week we learned more about google analytics. I think that it was pretty helpful to be able to set up google analytics with my website and get that going. These were our resources:

Get Started With Analytics

Set Up Tracking Overview

Link Google Analytics and AdWords

I think that these helped me a lot to know how to set it up. All I had to do was sign up and put the code it provided in my header on my website.


The other assignment we did had to to with quality scores on our websites. We learned how to improve our ads so that they were more useful and less wasteful.

These were the best ways I learned on how to improve them if your score is low:

  1. Make sure your ad texts is very related to your top searched keywords.
    This can help because if your ad does not have exactly the words that most people are searching, then they won’t want to click it. You can also make sure you know which keywords are working and relevant enough to bring customers.
  2. Simplify your ad and keywords to make them more specific.
    If you have too many topics then the search won’t work as well. Because there are too may ideas, the customer might not think it’s what they’re looking for, or they might prefer to choose a sight more specific to them. You want to make sure the customer feels like your ad is talking about exactly what they searched for.
  3. May want to work on your landing page to make sure its relevant to your ads.
    If your customer clicks on your ad and automatically sees a page for something they didn’t search for, then they will leave the page and you lost money. You have to make sure you lead them to the right product. If they search shoes, don’t show them a bunch of shirts. Show them shoes.

And some great resources:


Quality Score

Expected Click Through Rate

Ad Relevance

Landing Page Experience

Improve your Ad Quality

Short Video that Summarizes Quality Score

Advanced Preparation

How to Master the Google Landing Page Quality Score

Note on Changes to Quality Score

10 Ways to Increase Your Adwords Quality Score

Anatomy of an Auction

Week 8

This week we only had one assignment.

For the assignment, we wrote our ads and tried to use great strategies to help make them more effective.  We were supposed to make sure to use some of our keywords, describe what we do, and use a call to action. This way, the readers will know that we can help them and be more likely to click if they’re a real customer. I wanted to make sure have the right readers clicking, otherwise, I’m paying for an ad that is getting me no buyers.

This is my ad.


Customizable T-Shirts – Wear Something Original

Ad fevretshirts.fevredesign.com

Customize a design to your taste or request an original! Try it out! 

My ad is focused on the customizable portion of my products. In my store, they can customize something I designed with text or colors, etc, but they can also request a completely original design for anything they want.

Week 7

This week was simple but still interesting. I thought that it was a good idea to do the two projects that we did.

For the first one, we set up our Google Adwords accounts and ads. I am glad that we haven’t run and paid for them yet because I want to learn more about how they work and how to run them very well first. I did, however, think that it was a good experience to set them up and try it out. I got to choose about devices and bidding. I’m still not so sure how I feel about the bidding on Google Adwords. I choose automatic bidding, simply because I’m bot sure how it works or how I would do it better. I do know that automatic bidding is supposed to give me the highest number of clicks it can, but then again, a lot of websites say not to use it.

For the next assignment, I really liked everything I learned about keywords! I think that it was great to learn about how they work and if they are going to help your ad. It’s interesting how you have to be so specific. You want a word that will bring not only someone interesting in your topic but only people interesting in buying your product. Otherwise, you’re wasting ad money. This helps a lot. I also think learning about negative ads is going to help a lot. I like how I can use my ad for only very specific audiences with this tool.

Good week!

Week 6

This week was intimidating again. I was pretty tricky to learn about all of the licenses and taxes, so I’m glad I had the whole week to go over it. I was able

I was able to learn about how even when you start online businesses you still have to file for licenses and permits and taxes.

Some of the specific ones I learned that I will need are one for my business name. I will need to register my Assumed Business Name with the Secretary of state or at http://www.sos.idaho.gov. I didn’t even know this was a thing that small businesses did.

I will also have to obtain an Idaho sales tax permit. I can apply on-line using a Form IBR-1. I will have to charge sales tax with this permit. Apparently if you are the last salesman of any product, you have to charge this tax.

As far as income taxes to the IRS go, because I have a sole proprietor business, my income taxes are the same as they always are.

I will also have to fill out forms to file Idaho individual income tax returns; and some additional business income tax forms may be needed.


Lastly, I finished building my website this week. It is up and running. I learned that I need to make sure I have the time to research templates and tools for building websites because it can take a lot of time.

Week 5

This week was a sigh of relief after last week! I’m really excited for this section because this is my land of expertise! Web design and layouts are something I’m really excited about for this class.

In the first assignment where we did different web page research, a lot of my classmates were probably looking at the basics but I really tried to look deeper at how I want my site to be organized. I liked how we looked at small menu bars. The readings for this were really interesting. It was one of the first readings we did where I completely understood everything!

The second assignment about Paypal is interesting. I’ve never done this, but I know how HTML works so I’m sure it will be easy to incorporate the code it gave us. I think that the trickiest parts of using this code later will be making all of it functional with links and prices and tax and shipping fees. I will say that Paypal helped make this much easier. In then end, I will probably have to do more research but I think that this will work fine for my cart system.

I’m excited to start working on my website! I want to make sure I have a good setup and design. Hopefully, I can include it in my portfolio.

Week 4

This week was definitely an interesting one. While I was doing my normal assignments, I was also wrapping up the first project. I decided in that project that the business I’m going to start is a Personalized Tshirt Design business. I’m excited about this opportunity. I think that I will learn a lot. It had the highest demand of all my ideas and it looked like I might actually be able to make some profit.

For the weekly assignments, I was relieved that they were more about building a site and less about the business. This is more my forte. I thought that I would have everything all figured out, but I actually took advantage of the assignments and learned a lot more about the resources out there.

For sitebuilders, I have always used WordPress, and I like it because it is very well known and I’ll need to know it for my career. That being said I didn’t want to pay extra, so I found another well-known one that will give me everything I need. This will be great to know more than one after the assignment.

For hosting, I have a hosting service and won’t change, but I learned that after my year that I already paid for I would like to switch. It was great to look at all of these in more detail. I found that Bluehost had everything I liked about my current host and more.

Great week!

Week 3

Another week accomplished in Web Business Creation! I made it through this week again even though it was still intimidating. I found that if I don’t understand something, I can just youtube it for more information. This helped me understand a lot more and I feel like I’m learning a lot. The project is due next week and that is scary, but I will work through it too.

For the first assignment, we looked at manufacturers and what to look for in that. Reading the material like How to Find a Wholesale Distributor was very interesting and insightful. I found out that you really have to be careful and search very thoroughly to find a provider. There are so many things to look for and decide. You have to think about price, speed, reliability, quality, reach, etc. All of this was very complicated, but the case study made it pretty simple. We just had to compare two and choose. I found out that looking for those things mentioned can help you narrow it down in the end.

For the second assignment, we looked at models again. For this, we were just comparing drop shipping to affiliate networking. This was a great exercise because I got to learn so much about each of them. This is when I really looked for more information about each and youtube videos to help. I found that a lot more people use affiliate networking that I knew. It is commonly used to have some money coming in on the side. If they incorporate the ads more personally to the content of the website then they can do a really great job to get more clicks. I thought this was great. I also thought the way you can sell without shipping with drop shipping.

Overall, I think that this week gave some good insights to starting a business and choosing what route to take.


week 2

Starting this class has been a really new experience. Let me tell you, I didn’t become a business major for a reason. I think I’ve always been a little afraid of everything that has to do with running businesses. This is one of the few business classes required for my web design major, and I’m learning a lot – I’m intimidated every assignment to be sure, but I am getting through it and I’m proud of what I’m learning.

This week we had a lot of our first assignments. The first was about how to choose a product and a business model. The case studies that we’re using for this are funny because they are just as indecisive as I would be. They really just keep going through different routes without deciding, but it’s allowing us to look at the options too.

I enjoyed looking at different business models because I didn’t know how many there were just for online businesses. I figured that there was selling and advertising, but there are a lot of different ways to do those and it’s eye opening. I thought the affiliate business model was a really interesting one. It’s like advertising with a twist I suppose.

The second assignment was about demand and competition. This assignment was fascinating to me! I had no idea how to get that information and compare it. I was able to find out how much different things get searched for and how much competition you would have. These things were so helpful for a business to start. Plus, I admit I don’t have that much experience with excel and it was fun to see how it works. This was a fun assignment for me.