Week 5

This week was a sigh of relief after last week! I’m really excited for this section because this is my land of expertise! Web design and layouts are something I’m really excited about for this class.

In the first assignment where we did different web page research, a lot of my classmates were probably looking at the basics but I really tried to look deeper at how I want my site to be organized. I liked how we looked at small menu bars. The readings for this were really interesting. It was one of the first readings we did where I completely understood everything!

The second assignment about Paypal is interesting. I’ve never done this, but I know how HTML works so I’m sure it will be easy to incorporate the code it gave us. I think that the trickiest parts of using this code later will be making all of it functional with links and prices and tax and shipping fees. I will say that Paypal helped make this much easier. In then end, I will probably have to do more research but I think that this will work fine for my cart system.

I’m excited to start working on my website! I want to make sure I have a good setup and design. Hopefully, I can include it in my portfolio.


Week 3

Another week accomplished in Web Business Creation! I made it through this week again even though it was still intimidating. I found that if I don’t understand something, I can just youtube it for more information. This helped me understand a lot more and I feel like I’m learning a lot. The project is due next week and that is scary, but I will work through it too.

For the first assignment, we looked at manufacturers and what to look for in that. Reading the material like How to Find a Wholesale Distributor was very interesting and insightful. I found out that you really have to be careful and search very thoroughly to find a provider. There are so many things to look for and decide. You have to think about price, speed, reliability, quality, reach, etc. All of this was very complicated, but the case study made it pretty simple. We just had to compare two and choose. I found out that looking for those things mentioned can help you narrow it down in the end.

For the second assignment, we looked at models again. For this, we were just comparing drop shipping to affiliate networking. This was a great exercise because I got to learn so much about each of them. This is when I really looked for more information about each and youtube videos to help. I found that a lot more people use affiliate networking that I knew. It is commonly used to have some money coming in on the side. If they incorporate the ads more personally to the content of the website then they can do a really great job to get more clicks. I thought this was great. I also thought the way you can sell without shipping with drop shipping.

Overall, I think that this week gave some good insights to starting a business and choosing what route to take.


week 2

Starting this class has been a really new experience. Let me tell you, I didn’t become a business major for a reason. I think I’ve always been a little afraid of everything that has to do with running businesses. This is one of the few business classes required for my web design major, and I’m learning a lot – I’m intimidated every assignment to be sure, but I am getting through it and I’m proud of what I’m learning.

This week we had a lot of our first assignments. The first was about how to choose a product and a business model. The case studies that we’re using for this are funny because they are just as indecisive as I would be. They really just keep going through different routes without deciding, but it’s allowing us to look at the options too.

I enjoyed looking at different business models because I didn’t know how many there were just for online businesses. I figured that there was selling and advertising, but there are a lot of different ways to do those and it’s eye opening. I thought the affiliate business model was a really interesting one. It’s like advertising with a twist I suppose.

The second assignment was about demand and competition. This assignment was fascinating to me! I had no idea how to get that information and compare it. I was able to find out how much different things get searched for and how much competition you would have. These things were so helpful for a business to start. Plus, I admit I don’t have that much experience with excel and it was fun to see how it works. This was a fun assignment for me.