Week 12

This week was really interesting for me! I think this is more in my range, and very relevant. I have been talking about social media in 3 of my classes for a bit now!

I really liked everything we went over. I feel like I know a lot more about how to use Social media to increase your CEO and your traffic/followers. The first lesson was more about this and how to write posts for computers. The second lesson felt like more how to write to people. That’s what it’s for, right? I liked everything we worked on and read that taught us how to write to our target audience. I never thought about how much research you have to do to be a successful social media marketer. You have to find out what your audience wants to hear and what else they’re hearing and where they are and everything! IT is a lot but makes so much sense. We were also given AMAZING tools that I know would help. I liked one of them so much (ritetag, a hashtag analyzer that lets you know if it will help your post) I installed it right away.


Here’s some great resources:

Read 5 SEO Strategies for Social Media You Need to Know and 5 Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy.

Next, watch this video on How to Measure Social Media Traffic with Google Analytics.

Developing a Social Media Plan

Free Tools for Social Media Optimization


Watch this video about Developing a Social Media Plan. Read Wikipedia’s summary on Social media marketing and read the following: Free Tools for Social Media Optimization.

How Does Social Media Affect Search Marketing?

Omniture / Adobe webcast on Facebook and Twitter marketing

Guide to Using LinkedIn for Your Job Search


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