Week 11

This week we learned about landing page optimization and Search engine optimization (SEO). This was cool to go over this week because I feel like these things are more in my field. I want to design some web pages in the future so knowing how to make them search engine friendly and user-friendly so that you can get a lot of conversions is a great skill. I thought a lot more about how your page relates to your ads. I hadn’t thought about how important your keywords are. They have to stay consistent in a business, which is why each business has their own “lingo” I suppose.

I also learned how important it is to have a lot of links going to and from your site. this makes a big difference in your internet reputation and search result ranking.

Some great resources were:

View Does Your Landing Page Seal the Deal?

Read Understanding Landing Page Experience and Basic Strategies for Optimizing Websites and Landing Pages.

View Benefits of ExperimentsRequirements & Sign InThe Content Experiments Interface, and Elements of an Experiment.


View What is Search Engine Optimization/SEO, read Perfecting Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization

Google Basics

Google SEO Starter Guide

Webmaster guidelines


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