Week 10

This week has been fairly frustrating. We have been trying to improve our AdWords campaigns. For most classmates, this means that they clean up their keywords and ads so they can get more customers for their money. What’s frustrating for me is that No matter what I do I can’t get enough people to see my ad. So limiting anything won’t help me. I have contacted Google and all the advice they gave me hasn’t helped much. The last thing I can do is increase my budget but that loses me money I don’t feel like spending.

The resources were still helpful, but I wish I could use them more.

Measuring your profitsReturn on InvestmentMeasuring Sales and Conversions, and Setting Up Conversion Tracking.

Will Your E-commerce Company Make It? How to Tell

Page 9 of the Conversion Tracking Guide: Conversion tracking setup guide [Advanced Information]

Counting a Conversion When a Link is Clicked [Advanced Information]


Videos and Readings

Monitor your ads and keywords

What is Optimization


Use Negative Keywords to Eliminate Unwanted Clicks

Avoid Using Overly Generic Keywords

Use Appropriate Keyword Matching Options to Control Who See Your Ads

Expand Your Keyword List to Gain More Traffic


Improve Your Ad Quality

Write Successful Text Ads

Test Your Ad Text Changes


Monitor your ads and keywords

Find Relevant Keywords Using the “See Search Terms” Report

101 Ways to Make More Sales Online


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