This week we learned more about google analytics. I think that it was pretty helpful to be able to set up google analytics with my website and get that going. These were our resources:

Get Started With Analytics

Set Up Tracking Overview

Link Google Analytics and AdWords

I think that these helped me a lot to know how to set it up. All I had to do was sign up and put the code it provided in my header on my website.


The other assignment we did had to to with quality scores on our websites. We learned how to improve our ads so that they were more useful and less wasteful.

These were the best ways I learned on how to improve them if your score is low:

  1. Make sure your ad texts is very related to your top searched keywords.
    This can help because if your ad does not have exactly the words that most people are searching, then they won’t want to click it. You can also make sure you know which keywords are working and relevant enough to bring customers.
  2. Simplify your ad and keywords to make them more specific.
    If you have too many topics then the search won’t work as well. Because there are too may ideas, the customer might not think it’s what they’re looking for, or they might prefer to choose a sight more specific to them. You want to make sure the customer feels like your ad is talking about exactly what they searched for.
  3. May want to work on your landing page to make sure its relevant to your ads.
    If your customer clicks on your ad and automatically sees a page for something they didn’t search for, then they will leave the page and you lost money. You have to make sure you lead them to the right product. If they search shoes, don’t show them a bunch of shirts. Show them shoes.

And some great resources:


Quality Score

Expected Click Through Rate

Ad Relevance

Landing Page Experience

Improve your Ad Quality

Short Video that Summarizes Quality Score

Advanced Preparation

How to Master the Google Landing Page Quality Score

Note on Changes to Quality Score

10 Ways to Increase Your Adwords Quality Score

Anatomy of an Auction


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