Week 5

This week was a sigh of relief after last week! I’m really excited for this section because this is my land of expertise! Web design and layouts are something I’m really excited about for this class.

In the first assignment where we did different web page research, a lot of my classmates were probably looking at the basics but I really tried to look deeper at how I want my site to be organized. I liked how we looked at small menu bars. The readings for this were really interesting. It was one of the first readings we did where I completely understood everything!

The second assignment about Paypal is interesting. I’ve never done this, but I know how HTML works so I’m sure it will be easy to incorporate the code it gave us. I think that the trickiest parts of using this code later will be making all of it functional with links and prices and tax and shipping fees. I will say that Paypal helped make this much easier. In then end, I will probably have to do more research but I think that this will work fine for my cart system.

I’m excited to start working on my website! I want to make sure I have a good setup and design. Hopefully, I can include it in my portfolio.


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