Week 4

This week was definitely an interesting one. While I was doing my normal assignments, I was also wrapping up the first project. I decided in that project that the business I’m going to start is a Personalized Tshirt Design business. I’m excited about this opportunity. I think that I will learn a lot. It had the highest demand of all my ideas and it looked like I might actually be able to make some profit.

For the weekly assignments, I was relieved that they were more about building a site and less about the business. This is more my forte. I thought that I would have everything all figured out, but I actually took advantage of the assignments and learned a lot more about the resources out there.

For sitebuilders, I have always used WordPress, and I like it because it is very well known and I’ll need to know it for my career. That being said I didn’t want to pay extra, so I found another well-known one that will give me everything I need. This will be great to know more than one after the assignment.

For hosting, I have a hosting service and won’t change, but I learned that after my year that I already paid for I would like to switch. It was great to look at all of these in more detail. I found that Bluehost had everything I liked about my current host and more.

Great week!


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